Selecting The Right Blade Material

Posted by James (Gullet) McWhitney on Dec 14th 2017

Selecting the Correct Type of Blade 

What is the best blade to use? Band quality varies widely depending upon the blade type - carbon, bi-metal, or carbide tipped. They differ in their ability to resist the heat generated while cutting and in their ability to resist the “shock” of entering and exiting the cut (a prime consideration when cutting structurals, pipe and tubing). 

Carbide Tipped bandsaw blades - excel cutting the super alloys and in applications where high production rates and/or good surface finish is a requirement. offers various families of carbide tipped bandsaw blades in addition to carbide grit edge blades. 

Bi-Metal bandsaw blades - are the “everyday workhorse”, handling everything from simple metal cutting to production cutting of the super alloys. Simonds offers seven families of bi-metal bandsaw blades. Carbon bandsaw blades - are good for maintenance shops, general purpose low volume cutting, or for cutting wood, plastics, and other non-ferrous materials.